Representing Victims Of Bicycle, Pedestrian Accidents

Healthy lifestyles and the green movement have resulted in a greater number of people biking and walking in north Georgia. Unfortunately, other cultural changes such as increased cellphone use have brought an increase in injuries from accidents with motor vehicles.

At Perrotta, Lamb & Johnson, LLC, we can help you recover compensation for unnecessary and preventable injuries you sustained in a pedestrian or bicycle accident. With offices in Cartersville, Calhoun and Dalton, we represent injured bikers in north Georgia and throughout the South.

Protecting Your Rights

Accidents involving bicyclists often occur because they aren't given the right of way by motor vehicles. Many drivers fail to adhere to bike lanes and turn into unsuspecting bikers. Drivers exiting parked cars often open their doors onto oncoming bikers without looking.

Walkers often sustain injuries at crosswalks. Drivers fail to look out for pedestrians when they are crossing the path of a crosswalk. They also sustain injuries on sidewalks while waiting to cross.

In many cases, these accidents are caused by distracted drivers, or those in a hurry, who just aren't looking out for others on the roadways.

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All of our lawyers have extensive experience handling accidents involving motor vehicles both inside and outside of the courtroom. Whatever route is best for you, our lawyers will pursue it. We can help you recover money to pay for hospital and doctor bills, rehabilitation and therapy treatments, and even lost wages from missing work.

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