Helping Victims Of Truck Accidents In North Georgia And Beyond

Accidents involving commercial trucks are usually catastrophic for the people in the smaller vehicles. Injuries such as traumatic brain injury, amputation, spinal injuries and death are common in car-truck collisions.

Pursuing compensation for catastrophic losses requires an attorney with extensive knowledge of the state and federal laws and regulations that apply to the trucking industry. At Perrotta, Lamb & Johnson, LLC, our lawyers have that knowledge. With offices in Cartersville, Calhoun and Dalton, we represent truck accident victims in north Georgia and throughout the South.

Twenty-year veteran attorney Robert Lamb with our firm was a defense attorney for more than 10 years who focused solely on trucking defense. His unique knowledge of both sides of the law provides an advantage to our clients. He is familiar with the inner workings of the trucking industry and the safety regulations drivers must follow.

Fighting To Get You The Compensation You Deserve

All too often, truck accidents are caused by drivers who attempt to skirt mandatory trucking regulations, such as working beyond hours-of-service regulations or failing to perform required vehicle maintenance. These regulations are designed to keep our roads safe, and will make sure that drivers and their employers who break these rules are held accountable.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our lawyers have the experience to fight for and pursue the compensation you and your family deserve.

Serving Clients In North Georgia And Throughout The South

We offer free initial consultations to discuss your case and contingency fee arrangements if you choose to retain us. We never collect any money upfront.

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