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Do I Have to See a Doctor After a Car Crash?

man with whiplash after a car accident

The aftermath of a car accident can be traumatic and overwhelming. In the face of all the chaos, some people may be unsure about whether or not they need to seek medical attention for their injuries. While in some cases, injuries may appear minor, it is important to remember that any delay in seeking medical treatment can have serious consequences.

The Benefits Of Seeking Medical Attention After A Car Accident

Seeking medical attention right away can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. Prompt medical care ensures that you receive a proper diagnosis and treatment plan for your injuries, which will help you recover faster and more completely. It also serves as an important record that documents the extent of your injuries at the time of the accident, which could be invaluable evidence if you choose to file an insurance claim later on down the line.

What if My Injuries Aren’t an Emergency?

Even if you don’t believe your injuries are serious enough to require emergency care, it is still important to seek medical attention soon after the accident occurs. Seeing a doctor ensures that any injuries are properly assessed and treated before they become worse.

Additionally, some injuries may not even immediately present themselves, with symptoms occurring days or sometimes weeks after the fact. These are called delayed injuries. By seeing a doctor right away, you can ensure that these types of injuries are properly diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Insurance Companies Can Use Your Medical Records To Delay Or Deny Your Claim

If you decide to pursue compensation after being injured in a car accident, it is important to remember that insurers often try to minimize their payouts by looking for any excuse to discount or deny claims altogether. One way they do this is by examining claimants’ medical records—or lack thereof—as a means to accuse them of exaggerating their injuries or prolonging their recovery process unnecessarily. If there are no records documenting when you first sought treatment for your injuries or what kind of care you received afterward, insurers may attempt to use this against you in order to reduce the amount they owe you in compensation.

Experienced Car Accident Attorneys in Cartersville, GA

At Perrotta, Lamb & Johnson, LLC, our team of experienced attorneys will work with you to ensure that your rights are protected in the wake of a car accident. We handle all types of claims and litigation related to automobile accidents, including those involving delayed injuries. If you have been injured in an accident, reach out to our office today for a free consultation.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident resulting in injury, contact us today at (770) 637-7603 or fill out our form online!

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